Welcome to Improving Classroom Instruction!  Below you will find several sections which operate as "mini-courses."  Most will generate a certificate for one clock-hour based on successful completion.  Go through these mini-courses in whatever order you desire.

To consider how the concept of an “infinite” game provides a model for thinking about how we interact with students and one another. 

To start embedding these concepts into the intentional development of team/department/school culture.

To explore a variety of tools around student discourse.

To identify tools that can improve the level of discourse in your own classrooms.

To consider how the “negativity bias” impacts our behavior. 

To identify strategies for counterbalancing the negativity bias. To reflect on how such strategies can impact classrooms.

To consider how punishments and rewards do or do not work when it comes to providing motivation. 

To reflect on alternate approaches we might take in attempting to motivate students.

To learn how confirmation bias impacts our thinking. 

To consider the difference between a “scout” v. a “soldier” mindset. 

To apply new learning to how we think about working with students.

To study what makes an organization’s vision, mission, and core values impactful. 

To consider what role these elements can play in creating/improving an intentional adult culture.

To consider deeply the elements of effective unit and lesson planning. 

To craft a sample lesson based on new learning.

To provide a self-directed opportunity to make a sample video using Screencastify.

To learn about how the “Feynman Technique” works for new learning. 

To practice the Feynman Technique on a piece of new information. To reflect on this practice in terms of our own schools/classrooms.

******Needs objectives.*******