Course Description

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is sometimes called the missing piece as it links academic knowledge with skills important to one's success in school, family, and the workplace.  Many risky behaviors such as bullying, violence, and drug use can be prevented or reduced when integrated efforts are used to develop students' social emotional skills.  This Social Emotional Learning course is designed to provide educators with a strong foundation in the 5 SEL competencies.

Course Objectives

This course will:
  • teach the 5 SEL competencies.
  • illustrate how mindfulness increases students' focus, decreases test anxiety, and improves impulse control.
  • demonstrate how effective classroom management impacts social emotional development.
  • display access to tools and links like The Feelings Wheel, S.W.O.T., and CASEL.
  • provide strategies and materials to teach the 5 competencies to students.