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Highly Qualified Teacher update for intervention specialists of students

eligible for the alternate assessment in grades 7-12


Welcome to the Science HQT course! My name is Michael Eckert, and I will be your instructor. My speciality is Science education and have taught at the high school and junior high level for more than 16 years, and am currently a consultant for Hamilton County Educational Service Center. 

These are a few things that you need to know before getting into the course.

  • This is a Pass/Fail course. All assignments are required in order to pass.
  • The course is timed to release one module each week.  You will be able to access resources in a previously completed module.
  • You will  not be able to submit work past a deadline. Please note deadlines on each assignment.
  • I will check in once a week, typically on Fridays.
  • Most of the modules contain a Reflection that asks you to think about how you achieved those objectives.


If you need to contact me prior to my weekly check-in, you may email me at


Per the Ohio Department of Education starting in 2016-2017, intervention specialists of students eligible for the Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities in Grades 7-12 will need to comply with new requirements to meet highly qualified teacher status. These intervention specialists provide instruction for students with significant cognitive or low incidence disabilities.  The changes affecting intervention specialists relate to their need to show evidence of content knowledge in the core academic subjects of their teaching assignments.

Participant is this online course will earn 45 contact hours over an 8 week span.  The focus of the coursework will surround 7-12 science curriculum and the integration and modification of content into the active classroom.  The contents of the coursework is broken up into 6 modules to be completed in sequence.

  • Module 1:  Content & Framework, has participants explore the 6 content areas identified in the Ohio Extended Standards through a sequence of curriculum aligned videos and corresponding reflective questions.
  • Module 2:  Classroom Applications/Observation & Reflection, has participants observing 2 classes and reflecting on the alignment and application of ONLS & ONLS Extended Standards: Science.
  • Module 3:  Science Lesson Generation, has participants developing an ONLS & ONLS Extended Standard: Science aligned science lesson using a research based lesson plan template.
  • Module 4:  Cross Curricular Exploration, has participants exploring and extending the lesson developed in Module 4 with the ONLS Extended Standards 6-12 all content areas.
  • Module 5:  Lesson Application & Reflection, has participants implementing their designed lesson into the classroom and reflecting upon successes, differentiation strategies, and impacts on student learning.
  • Module 6:  Instructional Goal Extension, has participants identifying instructional goals based upon their interactions with the extended standards and exploring through article research those standards further.